Athletics are an important part of the Robert F. Kennedy Charter School Culture. Athletics allow our students to participate with other charter school, home school, & christian school athletes.  Sports continue to help us build a strong bond in our communities.

Admission to games

$1 student, $2 adult, $5 family – all funds go to the RFK PTSCA to support our student/parent community!!

2017-18 Athletics

Fall sport –  Co-ed Soccer

Winter sports – Boys Basketball

Spring sport – Girls Volleyball


Robert F. Kennedy Charter School would like to thank:

Albuquerque Charter School Athletic League!!!

Mountain View Community Center – Thank you for all your support!! Ms. Bunny and Staff have been great supporters of RFKCS Athletics. Thank you for the use of the facility and your guidance.

Congratulations to Coach Panas and his Co-ed Soccer Team – 2nd place in league!!! 15/16

Congratulations to Coach Benson and his Boys BBALL team – 2nd place in league!!!15/16

Congratulations to Coach Miera and his Boys BBALL team – Champions 16/17!!!

Congradulations to Coach Panas and his Varsity Girls Volleyball team – Division Champions 16/17!!!

2017-18  Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule:

2017-18 Varsity Girls Volleyball Schedule: